Where exactly is Cane Rosso White Rock?

CaneRossomapThe soon-to-open restaurant (“April 1ish,” according to restaurant manager Megan Dennison), is making effort to ensure that once it opens, patrons will be able find it.

For starters, there’s the above map from the pizzeria’s Facebook page, a fun representation of some of our neighborhood’s icons and green spaces, which pinpoints the location and warns: “Don’t trust Siri, she won’t get you here.”

Indeed, the restaurant is not visible from any street, major or minor. It is between East Grand and Tucker, in the center of the shopping center strip across from the temporary White Rock YMCA, which is behind the two-story retail center commonly referred to as “the Subway shopping center.” Cane Rosso describes its spot as “the ‘J’ shaped building with the trees framed by Gaston, Grand, Tucker and Casa Loma.” (That J-shaped building is the non-blurred portion of an aerial photo, below.)

The restaurant is also hoping to attract the cycling crowd; its staff shirts (also below) feature a bicycle. The restaurant is mere blocks from the Santa Fe Trail, another highlight of the map.

“It’s there and it’s simple and it makes sense,” Dennison says. “We’ll have someplace cool to lock up your bike out front.”

Cane Rosso White Rock will sell the staff shirts along with T-shirts for kids sporting a tricycle and proclaiming, “Cane Rosso White Rock: That’s how I roll,” which underscores the restaurant’s family-friendliness.

The Facebook page has a number of hip-looking Instagram photos that give a sneak peek of the site (again, below), including construction on the more-than-3,000-square-feet front patio. “Hotel San Jose in Austin is going to be a big influence on how we finish out our new patio,” the page says. “Just maybe fewer hipsters … maybe, but probably not.”

Hotel San Jose’s influence, Dennison says, means “simple design — local plants, soft woods, a water feature and a fire feature. It’s that ‘earth, wind, fire, water’ theme.” It will include a washer pit, she says, “not horseshoes, those are dangerous. Those will knock your teeth out.”

The White Rock restaurant won’t be too different from the Deep Ellum spot; the major difference is the White Rock location won’t serve lunch on weekdays because it lacks that nearby business crowd, Dennison says. Dinner will be the mainstay, plus brunch on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11.

The White Rock location is in “a good neighborhood,” Dennison says, and because the property recently turned over to Lincoln Property Co., the restaurant scored a really good deal.

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“We were the first ones to get into that strip mall, and it was really good rent,” Dennison says. “You have to be smart if you’re selling pizza. It takes a lot of pizza to pay for expensive square footage.”

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  • smb

    With as kid-friendly as this location appears to be, does anyone know whether there might be kid-specific options on the menu (e.g. smaller, cheaper pizzas)? I adore Cane Rosso, and will happily eat an entire Regina Margheria on my own, but don’t want to spend another $15 for my kids 😉

  • amc

    The huge turnout for the opening week of The Lot nearby shows that Lakewood & East Dallas like casual spots with good food & drinks and great outdoor spaces. Looking forward to Cane Rosso opening!

  • I hope they don’t get too fancy with the bicycle parking. All we need is a simple upside down U shape. Two points to lean the bike against, and a way for a u-lock to reach around. Don’t be fancy about it.. otherwise it’ll be useless. http://www.bicycleparkingonline.org/Rack%20Designs/u-or-staple-rack