Bridge from Santa Fe Trail to The LOT is a go


“The ball is rolling,” confirms John McBride, owner of new neighborhood restaurant The LOT. The city of Dallas has granted permission for a bridge to be built that will allow access from the Santa Fe Trail directly to the restaurant.

The nonprofit group Friends of Santa Fe Trail are helping drive the project forward by working with the city to create trail access to the restaurant “just like the one on the Katy Trail.” The nonprofit exists to help raise funds for projects, like this bridge, that support and enhance the Santa Fe Trail. (Trail access would also come in handy when the future Arboretum Village development at Gaston, Garland and Grand is finally complete.)

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The bridge is great news for families in the neighborhood who would otherwise be walking with strollers on high traffic roads or spending more time wrestling with car seats than they would spend driving to the restaurant (which has the genius combination of a beer garden and a children’s play area.)

Could Dallas slowly be evolving into a pedestrian- and bike-friendly city? With developments like this bridge coming into fruition, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

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  • Wilson!

    Go for it.  I’m sure they’ll respond favorably to you “telling” them how to develop that property.

  • Wilson!

    Go for it.  I’m sure they’ll respond favorably to you “telling” them how to develop that property.

  • Nancywilson

    Yeah!!  this is great news.  I was lucky enough to go to the Preview party for The LOT…It was just down right fabulous!!  It will be better now that you can ride your bike, walk, stroll or run there.  Thank you to the Friends of Santa Fe Trail.  Great things can happen when good people like this work together for the good of others rather than for themselves.

  • Jason Dhaliwal

    Now someone just needs to convince Lincoln Property to make an actual walkable development instead of that strip mall they are planning on putting in across the street.