The silence has been broken. After several phone calls and at least a couple obnoxious voicemails to Trader Joe’s corporate office in sunny California, I was finally able to talk with a spokesperson. Don’t get too excited. All she said was that the store will open this year, although they haven’t announced a specific date (or, apparently, even a specific month).

I asked if they will carry any products unique to the area, but she just said they’ll offer “typical Trader Joe’s stuff” — hard-to-find peanut butter, crackers with wacky names and shapes — and wouldn’t elaborate.

She did mention that they will take the flavor of the neighborhood into account when deciding on style and decor, such as artwork or photos from the surrounding community. So hopefully they will tell us more about that later on.

Advocate president Rick Wamre thinks the new store “will be a major catalyst in realizing the plans implemented by the City Council awhile back that restricted the hours bars could operate on the street.” What are your thoughts?

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