Whiterock Abbey moving into Garland-Peavy shopping strip (updated)

The wild success of Goodfriend and Good 2 Go Taco has proved that the area surrounding the Peavy-Garland intersection is ripe for food and beverage businesses.

It’s also good for pharmacies, so it’s strangely fitting that a pharmacist is opening a new restaurant and pub here.

Whiterock Abbey is set to open in November at the shopping strip just south of the aforementioned hotspots. (Another, Peavy Road seafood restaurant, is in the works next door to Goodfriend.)

Whiterock Abbey owner Weylan McAmally, a pharmacist from Red Oak, plans to have 30-40 beers on tap and to offer at least 100 bottled beers. The menu will include gourmet pizza and standard bar fare, he says: pretzels, cheese boards, and the like.

Inside, they’ll hang about eight televisions and outside, patrons will be able to drink/dine on the patio/beer garden.

McAnally and business partner, Matt Okorowski worked together at Brookshires where McAnally was a pharmacist and Okorowski was the store manager.

Many months ago they started scouting spaces for this venture. Motive? McAnally says he’s always wanted to be in a business that people actually want to go to, as opposed to the pharmacy, which people tend to patronize only in desperation.

When Okorowski first suggested the Garland-Peavy location, McAnally was like: “What? No way in hell.”

But then, he says, he started looking at demographics and it didn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

“You’ve got White Rock Lake right there, he says, and the demographics are good — you’ve got [residents of the surrounding area] making twice the national average.”

The owners also are leasing the .2 acres behind the property, which they will use for parking. McAnally is working with the city to figure out the specifics on that. He also plans to offer full-time free valet. “I’m very aware of the parking situation,” he says, but he adds that by the time they open, “parking will not be an issue.”

Right now, they are working hard inside the spot but there is only so much they can do before securing all their permits.


Photo from Facebook of the future dining area at Whiterock Abbey.
Whiterock Abbey front door redesign, from Facebook
A back-room mural left by previous tenants, from Whiterock Abbey’s Facebook page


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  • Jason

    Matt, you are my kind of guy! I LOVE me some Belgian beer. If you are Belgian intensive, I’ll be a regular when you open. I’ll volunteer to sample some of your homebrews as well. If you need to find me, I’ll be the tall guy on the Eddy Merckx bicycle.

  • a dude

    Peavy Road Restaurant has been in the works since Goodfriend was first announced. Any updates on it?

  • Matt Okorowski

    The idea of opening a Belgium intensive brewpub has appealed to me for awhile since it was suggested by a friend. I am a Lake Highlands home brewer who would love to open a Russian River or Lost Abbey for Dallas. I plan on giving samples of my beers at the Abbey until I get my brewing license. Until then, I plan on having several Belgium brews on tap and will welcome your ideas for favorites. Thanks again for your support and know we will entertain all suggestions as this will be our neighborhood hangout.

  • That’s actually a sweet idea. Compliments Goodfriend’s American+local craft beers.

  • Old Lake Highlander

    Call your place The Abbey at White Rock and go 100% Belgian.

  • I also learned from Mr. McAnally that we were *this* close to getting a pool-supply shop in that space. I think this is way more exciting!

  • Beth Okorowski

    It is not our intention to directly compete with Goodfriend but to compliment them. They have a good selection of beers and great Burgers. Goodfriend has done an admirable job both with their food and introducing local brewers into the area. We will be choosing a menu that is a bit different and take into consideration what they have on tap in hopes of not being redundant…like earlier mentioned at this point we really are open to suggestions as the menu has not totally been set. Let us know on facebook what you want…

  • Michael Mosteller

    Goodfriend only has about 20 taps. 30-40 would be dramatically more. More bars and destination places like Goodfriend in Casa Linda is nothing but a good thing. Would you instead prefer empty retail spaces?

    It is a strange location but it beats the revolving retail that pops up at that location and is gone in under a year. Parking is going to be tough. I’m very interested in what they plan to carry. The owners seem very interested in getting people’s ideas on what beers to carry.

  • wolflark

    Uh guys Goodfriend has the exact same menu and beers on tap. Let’s branch out a bit.

  • Eliot – I am updating this post right now. Just got off phone w/ the owner. I was slightly off on location!

  • Their website lists 9909 Garland Rd Dallas, TX 75218, which is just around the corner from Good2Go. This is the odd little strip that used to have slot car racing.

    At any rate, welcome to the neighborhood!!

  • Judging from the middle picture.. that’s not the same shopping center as Good2Go and Goodfriend.