Sixty $500,000+ homes to be built in Hollywood/Santa Monica near park

The “open space” on this map of the Hollywood/Santa Monica conservation district? That’s where the homes will be.

An undeveloped 8.5 acres west of East Grand that is part the Hollywood/Santa Monica conservation district will become about 60 new single-family homes, according to a press release we just received from Henry S. Miller Brokerage.

The land was purchased from Henry S. Miller for an undisclosed amount, and includes the north and south sides of Shadyside Lane, just east of Lindsley Park and just south of the Santa Fe Trail. (Click the image on the left for a larger view of the land.) Publisher Rick Wamre believes this is the same land that used to be home to Dallas Housing Authority apartments before they were torn down.

The press release calls it “one of Dallas’ largest and last remaining tracts of infill land.” It also identifies its location as in the “increasingly popular Lakewood area of Dallas, Texas,” as well as ” less than a mile from White Rock Lake … and up the street from the Dallas Arboretum.”

The new property developer, Megatel Homes, is based in Plano and appears to have built mostly in the suburbs up to this point. Megatel “came to the table with the best offer,” according to Henry S. Miller. The conservation district guidelines would allow for “the development of Tudor style single family homes or up to 100 townhomes,” the release says. Megatel plans to build the 60 homes in three phases, with prices starting at $500,000. Henry S. Miller says it “will be a lucrative investment for the purchasers.”

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, and there isn’t even any need to do math. Keri put it in the article. Glad you pulled out the slide ruler instead of reading though. Good practice.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you went right for the ad hominem. Thanks neighbor! I suggest you read the whole thread. I addressed the 100 townhomes in a reply to EDM.

  • Grueneman

    Ditto on reading comprehension, Los Politico… Read it again. The “guidelines would allow for “the development of Tudor style single family homes or up to 100 townhomes”.” Maybe if you had some math skills or better yet real estate knowledge, you could figure out that you can’t put 100 townhomes on 8.5 acres without being attached. I am glad they have intentions of doing SFD, but intentions are certainly subject to change. The lots in this neighborhood are +/-1/4 acre. Simple math for 60 units yields lots that are tiny — just over 1/8th acre; that is already high-density, zero lot line. I’m glad there are smarter people in the neighborhood than you.

  • Anonymous

    They are SFD. “Reading comprehension for $1000, Alex”

  • JaneJacobs

    Judging by his lack of interest in the conservation-district thing, and his handle, I am guessing that Coronado represents a resident of one of the McMansions in Lakewood Hills, decidedly NOT a conservation district, i.e. 6803 Coronado, 6831 Coronado, 6906 Coronado, etc.

    Look, you’re free to build as many McMansions as you want on your side of the Santa Fe Trail; why ruin HSMNA too? Why not demolish all of the cramped old HSMNA cottages and replace them with top-of-the-line Megatel models built out to the lot line? Wouldn’t you enjoy that?

  • Grueneman

    To Citizen Kane – Density has its place, but not here. This is a great, niche neighborhood undergoing continuing re-gentrification. We have enough density in the nearby multi-family condos and apartments that have been and are continuing to be built around Gaston/LaVista and Garland Road! Those do nothing for mantaining SFD home values. This needs to be single-family detached as intended. Hopefully it will spur continued renovation in the areas adjacent to the neighborhood as well.

  • CitizenKane

    A very good plan;  density is good, builder appears to have track record, great location, priced above neighborhood medians, nice option for existing residents who might want to transition out of single family detached.

    It would be nice if the developer throws in some coummunity improvements to park; and maintains trail access to/from development.

  • Anonymous

    Wish the city would have bought the land to expand the Park, but I am not at all unhappy with this use of the space. I live on Clermont and use the Santa Fe Trail all the time. More people using it is a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    10′ setbacks, no curb cuts or front facing garages, 45′ height limit, 3 stories, only 60% of the land can be covered, and all the aesthetic requirements remain the same.

    So they could be slightly taller, slightly closer together, and have smaller front yards, but they have to be brick Tudors. It’s not “Plano” as some people are claiming. The developer could build 100 18′ townhouses if he wanted to, this will be much nicer than that.

  • EDM

    The conservation guidelines for tract 2A are quite different from those for tract 1 in terms of setback, lot size, and height restriction.  I can imagine what these houses will look like.

  • JKR

    Does the conservation district cover this tract?

  • Tedbarker

    That will be a serious upgrade to an area that benefits from the Santa Fe Trail.  Great trail riding area, love it.  That is the tract that housed the DHA apartments.

  • Anonymous

    $500k tudors will probably look quite a bit like 502 Cordova. These guys have to follow all the regulations about height, set back, lot coverage, etc.

    What do you propose?

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s the vacant land.

  • Timtgibson

    The map makes it look like the San Mateo Forest Apts. land is also a part of this – So are they going to demo the apts? 

  • RJ

    Mount Auburn may be next.

  • Coronado

    Why should the neighborhood get to vote on this? These guys are developing within the guidelines that the neighborhood already established years ago. THAT was when you got your vote.

  • Coronado

    Lord, I can hear the heads of those holier-than-thou Hollywood Heights snobs exploding already!

  • Bryan

    How can we allow tract housing where I am sure every home will look the same in a neighborhood that fights to keep itself original? Sure we have conservation rules and standards that they must obey when designing and developing, but just like any suburb developer they will build the cheapest thing they can get away with. If they actually care they should go look at 502 Cordova, which was a quality New Construction under the conservation district. Also, no neighborhood vote on this???

  • Coronado

    As long as they’re staying within the current zoning and conservation district guidelines, there’s no obligation to have a neighborhood meeting. You do not have any right to input over what they do as long as they’re following the rules, nor should you really have that expectation. If you don’t like it, you should have bought the land.

  • BA

    How is it that there was no neighborhood meeting about this?! This is the first I’ve heard about it. At this point, you can color me unhappy.

  • mom23nlakewood

    UGH!!!  Megatel from Plano…I pray it doesn’t have the look or quality of a Plano home….

  • Ramz

    McMansions…..  East Dallas turning around. Suprise they have announce someone buying those lots where they closed the school down.