Advocate podcast: Dallas United Crew discusses White Rock boathouse plans

Dallas United Crew officials visited the Advocate offices Friday, Aug. 3, 2012, to discuss their plans to build a floating boat house near Mockingbird and Buckner on White Rock Lake.

Team coach Jonathan Stevens, president Donna Swanson and vice president Belinda McDonnell talked with Advocate editors Christina Hughes Babb and Rick Wamre about the $3 million-plus facility, its funding, the group’s membership and the city’s role in the project’s development, funding and eventual ongoing maintenance, assuming that the Dallas Park Board and Dallas City Council eventually approve the group’s plans.

Here are a few notes to help you navigate the audio:

1:56 How does it benefit anyone outside exclusive crew team?

11:30 Couldn’t you do this stuff without a new facility?

13-ish Were they kicked out of boathouse?

18:15 When did you start exploring the idea of this new boathouse?

23:30 Will just any ol’ person be able to walk into the new facility?

27:20 How much will this thing cost? And how are you raising the funding?

31:15 Parking?

36:20 Addressing public/private partnership.

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  • Wilson!

    “Amplified bullhorns”?  Are there any other kind?  And the coaches are yelling _and_ screaming? Both?  Heavens to Mergatroyd!  The horror!  

    You know what annoys me?  Seems like every time I’m at the White Rock Pond, er, Lake, there’s someone with SCREAMING, CRYING CHILDREN!  They’re so annoying. Can we get them banned from the lake, too?

  • KLB

    I attended the meeting in March and the recent meeting in July.  It was very open and straight foward on who they were and what they wanted to do for the lake and their rowing program.  I loved the way this program is changing and the design of the new boathouse is amazing.  I have lived by the lake all my life and take advantage of the trails around it, it is so nice to see this lake being utilized for the good and yet being conscientious of the neightbors and the wildlife.  I fully expect to use this facility.

  • Muddy Slop Hole


  • JKR

    I propose a compromise: Highland Park may use our lake if they let Woodrow and Bryan Adams use their indoor football practice facility.

  • Muddy Slop Hole

    The first public meeting was announced with a sticky note stuck on the wall of the janitors closet in the basement at city hall. Typical of the way Dallas politicians work when they want to sneak things through without opposition. Only those in favor new about it and were invited just so they could say they had a public meeting. The second meeting they just had was only held because they got caught when referenced in the Winfrey Point scandal. There has been  an open records request from concerned citizens who discovered secretive meetings between Highland Park rowing and the City Of Dallas long before any public meeting. City of Dallas FIGHTING THE RELEASE OF THOSE DOCUMENTS. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?? When those documents come out, all will be revealed!! A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY MINUTE!!

  • Furd Floater

    This is nothng but Highland Park spin doctors trying to dupe the public into believing this was not a behind the scenes land grab of Dallas property now that some concerned citizens have exposed the very secretive “Winfrey Point” style land grab. These people are pure BS. Several Dallas city officials and their Highland Park handlers stand to make a lot of money by putting an exclusive loud, noisy (they use amplified bullhorns in rowing) restaurant/rowing entertainment venue facility on prime wetland habitat. The existing rowing club will let new schools participate in their existing facility but have banned Highland Park High School rowing (name changed to United Crew rowing) from their facility. What does that tell you? Go over to Highland Park and try to use their facilities….you will be kicked out unless you have a Highland Park identification. Costs $3,000.00 per year to row there and with will have very limited access by public!!! Also there is no parking for a facility this size which means they will try to grab more land once constructed. Precious little greenbelt left in Dallas….leave the wetlands alone.

  • Nojunkplease

    Nice to see that this project is moving forward. I went to the public meeting in March and was impressed but hadn’t heard much about it since.

    I saw negative comments about it in another article on this site. There are some seriously misinformed people out there. If they’d have gone to the public meeting or if they would just listen to this interview they’d have a lot more valid information.

    Looking forward to this project happening soon!

  • Charlie R

    This was a great pod cast, I really learned a lot about what the Dallas United crew are doing. It’s nice to see the team being so open with their goals and plans. This boathouse is going to be a big asset to White Rock Lake and I can’t wait to see it built. I think it’s especially cool they they’re designing it with the idea of having programs for the disabled.

  • WRL Lifer

    I live near the lake and visit it nearly every day. I love seeing rowers
    and kayakers on the lake, especially in the morning. This new boathouse
    sounds great – I’ve been to both the public meetings, and the designers
    and the organization have clearly been very sensitive to the
    surrounding residents and to the fact that the lake is used by lots of

    I like that the facility will also house kayaks and dragon boats. I
    looked into getting a kayak last year but the existing boathouse (which
    is also much less convenient for me) told me their building is only for
    rowing shells, so I had nowhere to put it.

    I also think it’s great that they’re going to have a recreational level
    rowing program for kids. It’s another good way to get kids away from
    video games and outdoors.

  • Shimes2

    I think this will be so great for the city of Dallas and put us on the map for rowing!
    Also to have a discreet structure on the lake that will blend and not stand out.
    This boathouse will also help people with disabilities and be a great launch for kayakers