‘Cat burglar’ hits East Dallas

Over on our Lake Highlands Advocate blog, we have reported multiple cat burglaries in that neighborhood, most recently last week. These so-called cat burglaries are especially intriguing and creepy because, while most home burglaries occur during the daytime while residents our out of the home, these happen at night while the homeowners are sleeping.

The burglars are bold, in some cases entering the homeowners’ bedrooms while they sleep.

Emails are circulating like crazy among Lake Highlands neighborhood associations, but a quick search of recent police reports shows the same type of thing may be happening in East Dallas. For example, I found two similar reports from this past weekend.

One, in the Lochwood neighborhood in the 11300 block of Lippit Ave:

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The homeowners went to bed at about midnight. While they slept, a suspect apparently entered the home through an unlocked back door, stealing several items including a purse and a diaper bag, entered a child’s room (the child was sleeping in another room, according to the report) and stole a couple video games, entered the homeowner’s room, went through the bedside drawer, snatching an iPad and keys to the family car, in which the suspects reportedly left.

You might think, “No way they could sleep through this!” But the same thing happened in at least one of the Lake Highlands burglaries.

Another, on the 6500 block of Lake Circle in Lakewood:

According to the report, while the homeowner slept, a burglar entered through a back door, which the suspect (s) might have pried open, and gathered cash, jewelry and an iPad, to name a few.

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  • applepie

    I grew up in the East Dallas area, and we would pitch a tent in the backyard for
    at home “camp outs” – just the children. I turned down  the requests of my own children for that activity. Another tradition of childhood lost. Or perhaps it was never safe. Who knows? 

  • Malissa_page

    How in the world are people surprised when someone comes through an unlocked door?!?!?!  We are no doubt in a fantastic part of town but live in the CITY!  Come on guys!!!  Lock your doors, windows and cars up otherwise you’re just inviting them in

  • Nyexpt

    I wake up at the slightest noise, even with earplugs. S-cks for me. Eps. since I’d have to play chicken. Scary.

  • I go through police reports all the time and you wouldn’t believe how often home and car break ins occur with the assistance of an unlocked door. I’ve even been guilty of falling asleep with the back door unlocked a time or two, myself, feeling relatively secure because I have a big protective dog. Not anymore though. These have me on high alert! 

  • Jeffrey Haskovec

    Who leaves their door unlocked?  That is just crazy!

  • uh oh – that was either a computer error or a slip of the hand on my part (doing too many things at the same time!) I’ll go with computer error. 

  • stuart

    Why is this article illustrated with a picture of the Jefferson cycle-track?  🙂