City, neighbors reach agreement on Winfrey parking

UPDATE at 11:16 a.m.: Robert Wilonsky with the DMN is reporting the the City of Dallas and the neighbors who obtained a temporary injunction against Arboretum overflow parking at Winfrey Point have reached an agreement. They’re supposedly in the process of working out legal details right now, and an announcement of some type is expected in in the next hour.

ORIGINAL STORY at 9 a.m.: A hearing is expected this morning after the City of Dallas filed legal paperwork seeking to set aside the temporary injunction blocking the Dallas Arboretum from using grassland at Winfrey Point for potential overflow parking from this weekend’s opening of the Chihuly exhibit at the Arboretum.

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The injunction was obtained after neighborhood residents protested the city’s plans to parking cars on grasslands surrounding Winfrey’s baseball fields and after neighbors used Freedom of Information Act filings to obtain various city plans to pave portions of Winfrey’s grasslands for parking, as well as consider building a two-story garage for about 1,000 vehicles located on about the same location as the baseball fields.

Some of the city’s plans can be seen on the website.

We’ll let you know the outcome of the hearing as soon as information is available.


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  • Tedbarker

    I second your thoughtful “Thank You “.  Rachel, Rick and Christina are to be given a Thumbs Up.  By the way, thanks for spending so much time with us on Friday.

  • Michael Mosteller

    It’s a real shame that the short sightedness of the Dallas Arboretum board has led to the possible destruction of a fragile, natural landscape all in the guise of letting patrons pay to park their cars to then pay to enjoy an artificially manufactured landscape. This is why Dallas will never be a world class city. 

    Thanks to the Advocate staff for helping to shed light on this issue. Hopefully the bad press from this will make it so no permanent structures are erected over the prairie. But then again when has the City ever really cared what the citizens of Dallas actually want over what the ruling class wants. What most reasonable people see as irreplaceable beauty, others see as a means for profit, public/private use and “progress”. 

  • Runner

    I was excited about the Chihuly exhibit, but now I am wanting to boycott everything at the Arboretum. They are so stuffy about their property, but don’t see a problem with mowing down and destroying grassland…

  • Thanks for all who protested the mowing down of the wildflowers at Winfrey Point. Shuttle buses can handle loads of those who insist on driving to the Lake & to the Arboretum. I had beautiful heirloom poppies, golden thistles & queen anne’s lace growing in a wide swath in my backyard and my neighbor complained to the city that I was growing “weeds”. Sadly, I cut them down. She is still ticked off because I called the police on her nutty boyfriend who caused me harm 4 years ago. He is still a terribly unstable dangerous person who lives in another neighborhood and I call the police each time he appears. He is selling his house and hopefully will go away permanently. Perhaps she & others who don’t value wildflowers will realize those are what bring bees & other pollinators which we need for our gardens.