Update: 15-acre retail development planned at Gaston/Garland

Lincoln Property Co.’s plans for the intersection of Gaston and Garland prove we all should’ve bought there years ago. The real estate company is planning a vast, high-end retail development on the intersection’s three corners.

So far, Lincoln will say only that it is considering a grocery tenant for the 15-acre development.

That intersection is extraordinary because of its location and underutilization. It’s at the gateway of White Rock Lake, a few blocks from the Dallas Arboretum, a few blocks from a public golf course and adjacent to the Santa Fe Trail. That’s not even mentioning the hundreds of high-end homes in the area. Yet the intersection’s main tenants recently have been a liquor store, a pawnshop, a nightclub that neighbors deplore, Subway and the YMCA.

The White Rock YMCA plans to move to a more visible site, the former Trinity Lutheran Church, and it looks like Far West nightclub’s days are numbered.

Now that most of those properties surrounding Gaston/Garland are in the hands of one developer, it could be a game-changer for the neighborhood.

Lincoln has given up few details about the development, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speculate a little.

“There hasn’t been any retail around here forever, so I think they could get some quality tenants out there,” says John Whiteside, the real estate broker who listed the Trinity Lutheran Church site.

That intersection is “the last collage of ill-fitting businesses that used to be around Lakewood,” says Whiteside, a neighborhood resident since 1981. He recalls, for example, when there was a pawnshop in the Lakewood shopping center.

The former Backyard Beach Club could be a nice restaurant with access to the Santa Fe Trail, Whiteside suggested.

Whiteside notes that the apartments-turned-condos on Connecticut, adjacent to the YMCA, recently sold. “How smart were they at this point?” he says of the buyers. “They’re about to be right next to this high-end retail development.”

There are 14 acres of new apartments that just opened on East Grand at La Vista. And Shadyside, the 9-acre former apartment complex on East Grand that was torn down a few years ago, has a new buyer as well.

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The way Whiteside sees it, all this bodes very well for property values in the neighborhood.

“If I had enough money, I’d go out and buy every house I could get my hands on right now,” he says.

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  • Jerome Haltom

    Heard rumors that the store would be an HEB. I’d be able to walk to the grocery store. One block. Guess that home purchase was a good idea afterall.

  • Kamckinney

    I hate it when people dis Albertson’s.  Maybe they haven’t shopped there in a while.  It is well stocked, clean and the staff is friendly, helpful and courteous.  Let’s support them. 
    I am excited about mixed retail at Gaston and Garland Road and think demographics will support an additonal grocer.  Lincoln Property has a good reputation for taste, so I think it will be nice.

  • CitizenKane

    If ture, that is VERY worrisome.

  • GreeninDallas

    I’m excited for the change and would love to see Far West gone… the know the neighbors would love that. Mixed style retail and some cool eateries… love the Katy Trail Icehouse idea for Backyard. The right mix of stuff will attract a good demographic of people. I wouldn’t mind access to a much nicer grocery. I bike to Natural Grocer now, Albertsons is ghastly! Whatever they do, it should be village looking, or it will turn into just another box store location… yuck. 

  • rebecca

    Or how about a Trader Joe’s? Love the possibilities!

  • BenjaminL

    Does anyone have details on the Shadyside business?     This scenario is scary!

  • Anonymous

    Or the houses north of Mockingbird can just be zoned back to Hotchkiss and Dan D Rogers.

    Did you see how much was paid for the land? It’s not going to be SFD houses, they’d have to be like 700k each.

  • Dominiquewhelan

    The Shadyside new ownership is worrisome. If it’s a huge bunch of townhouses we may lose Lakewood Elementary. Too much pressure on an already overwhelmed school. If that happens say bye bye to Hollywood Heights resale values regardless of what happens on Gaston.

  • Kyle Rains

    Whiteside has always been visionary concerning Lakewood.  I would take his advice!  Also as IB is fully implemented in our schools, the property values will soar even higher..

  • Soniaplatz

    Hoping it turns out like an uptown village but cooler of course since its Lakewood …wink

  • Anne

     I would be thrilled to have a decent grocery store. Our Casa Linda Albertsons is dingy, smells bad, and scant service. Tom Thumb would be fantastic. I also (thinking optimistically here) think this would be a PRIME spot for a Market Street or even the area’s first HEB.

  • Rachel Stone

    I don’t know. Casa Linda Plaza is not far away, distance-wise, but it can seem a world away traffic-wise sometimes.

  • Michael Mosteller

    The Backyard spot would be a nice place for a Katy Trail Ice House type place. Access to the Santa Fe extension. Right next to the Lake. Walkable for all the people in that area. 

    My question about this new center is who would go in there when a more established and popular (and maybe cheaper) shopping center  is right down the street at Casa Linda Plaza? I hope this new place will be more of a mixed use development than just pure retail.

  • RSF

    Several years ago LPC had many of the older Gaston Avenue apartment complexes near Swiss Ave under contract but did not close the deal.  I am wondering if they may be re-thinking that since they are investing so heavily in East Dallas.

  • CitizenKane

    LPC is a quality developer;  it will be interesting to see what kind of density they try to shoe horn into the sites and on the neighborhood.