The taquería formerly known as Tacos el Guero (which translates hilariously to white-boy tacos), is a favorite among food critics. Alice Lassaude, who writes the Cheap Bastard, recommends the pastor tacos.

I haven’t tried those because I haven’t gotten past the breakfast tacos yet. The first time I tried the chorizo and egg tacos, I went back the following two mornings for more. Pretty sure that makes me a taco junky.

They’re made with homemade flour tortillas, and the red and green salsas are sublime. I can’t decide which is better.

Tacos la Banqueta (which we think translates to stool tacos, which sounds bad in English, but who cares because their tacos are so freaking good) has two locations in our neighborhood. One is on Bryan at Carroll, and that’s the one with rave reviews from food critics. The other, which is my supplier, is on Gaston, inside a gas station next door to the YMCA.

This location is open until 4 a.m., which is great for drunks. What’s bad, however, is that Tacos la Banqueta on Gaston doesn’t open until 9 a.m. So if you’d like to treat your co-workers to breakfast tacos at the early meeting, it’s a no-go. So they’re really brunch tacos, but they’re worth the wait.

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