Trader Joe’s announces Lower Greenville store

 Trader Joe’s will open a 15,000-square-foot store on Lower Greenville, on the site of the old Arcadia nightclub, between Bell and Sears.

The store will open at the end of 2012, selling groceries, beer and wine, according to a DMN report this morning.

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The city recently spent $1.3 million to spruce up that portion of Greenville with street improvements, wider sidewalks, benches and bike racks. The work was completed this month.

Madison Partners, the real estate firm that owns the property, previously had plans for a food-truck park on the site. The group told the DMN that a smaller version of the food-truck park is still planned, but it will be worked around the Trader Joe’s site plans. Trader Joe’s also will open stores in Plano and Fort Worth next year.

A word to the wise: As the Trader Joe’s hype goes into full gear this year, other retailers are bound to be talking with Madison about locating nearby. Just as Madison’s plans for the food-truck park were primarily aimed at “warehousing” their land until a good tenant (like Trader Joe’s) came along, it’s likely that another strong lease or two could ultimately kill the food-truck park idea entirely, replacing it instead with permanent retail.

If you’re interested in additional background, we talked about Trader Joe’s, among other “coveted corporations”, in a January 2011 cover story detailing the process used by national chains in determining where to locate their stores.

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  • Bnjb33

    Great new for lower Greenville ave

  • Montemalone

    I thought the whole idea of food trucks in the first place was that they’re mobile. Why not let them park at the curb?

  • Sudeley

    Was easier to build from scratch than do a deal with the owner of the empty Whole Foods.

  • “not a bunch of hippies slinging burgers out of a bus” LOL!

  • Smarterthanu

    Seems Advocate readers always find something to whine about.   This is great news for Lower Greenville!  A huge vacant lot is being replaced by a solid business, not a bunch of hippies slinging burgers out of a bus. 

  • Jennifw

    too bad they couldn’t use the old Whole Foods site so we could have a Trader Joe’s AND a food truck court. 

  • Wawa

    Would have loved Arcadia lot to be food trucks. Then trader joes could take the whole foods / blockbuster lot. Yay more traffic.. Guess its easier sometimes to build from scratch than remodel. Really was excited last year with the food truck news since its in walking distance. Aww… Shame some areas are over saturated with groceries, but other older neighborhoods around here are still food deserts, or are isolated forced to only 1 choice.

  • Anonymous

    Good for Greenville, I guess. With the Signature Kroger, Sunflower FM, a rumored Neighborhood Wal-Mart, and now Trader Joes, we are going to be the grocery store capital of the Metroplex. That’s not even mentioning two Whole Foods, the Central Market, two Targets, a Super Wal-Mart/Sams Club Stack, and a half a dozen Tom Thumbs all with in driving distance. I hope the area can support all of it. 

    Still, I’m a bit surprised that TJ’s didn’t pick Lake Highlands. It seems like that area is greatly underserved.