Lakewood Bar & Grill closed, Lakewood Tavern to close next month

Lakewood is getting low on watering holes all of a sudden.

Lakewood Bar & Grill closed today. Landlord Greenway Investment Co. locked the owners out for nonpayment of rent, according to a note taped to the music venue’s front door. We put a call in to LBG owner David Seeberger to find out what happened, but he hasn’t called back yet.

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Our snooping did lead, however, to Lakewood Tavern. Owner Vicki LaGrange says she will close the tavern sometime in October. LaGrange lost her lease, which ends in February. And the tavern’s liquor license is up in October.

“There’s no point in buying a two-year liquor license to stay open four months,” she says.

LaGrange would like to open somewhere else in Lakewood, but so far, she hasn’t found the right spot.

And then there’s the Balcony Club, which owes its landlord $18,000 in back rent. There is a benefit planned this weekend for the club.

“We’ll be able to raise some of it this weekend,” owner Tommy Stanco says.

If the bar doesn’t raise enough money, they hope to work out a deal with the landlord. If not, they could be evicted Sept. 14. If that happens, Stanco says he plans to reopen somewhere else and take his hundreds of loyal clientele with him.

If Balcony Club does close, that will leave Cock & Bull Pub and Arcade Bar as the only bars in Lakewood Shopping Center, and no live music venues, save the theater.

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  • BrandiD

    Many of these are not deadbeat tenants. They rent places from landlords who don’t live in Lakewood and have no interest in Lakewood. I know this personally from being on the Board of Directors of a non-profit that had these issues. The landlords generally already own these properties outright. They just want as much as they possibly can get and they don’t care who the tenants are. Our rent is ridiculous and when we looked at expanding, I laughed at the proposal the landlord gave us for 1000 square feet with no frontage, signage or parking.

  • Old East Dallas Gal

    Tough times…but all of it relates to business decisions. Why would anyone be allowed to get so far behind in rent to begin with? Does it all boil down to real estate gluttons and irresponsible business owners? You gotta 
    wonder…with mom-and-pops being replaced by Mi Cocinas, driving the price per sq ft up and out of reach, seems Lakewood is losing some of its charm. Even worse, the loss of music venues, displacing all the fantastic musicians! Progress? I don’t think so. Sad sad times…

  • seat21d

    At least things are looking up down LaVista. Molly Maguires seems to be coming back strong, The Landing is hopping, and lots of regulars at the Pour House will soon be frequenting more often with the start of football season. I never cared much for LBG (but understand a certain draw that just doesn’t appeal to me). I tried Lakewood Tavern — the were nice enough but the place seemed way too sterile. I do, however, love me some Cock and Bull (stiff vodka drinks, steaks, and blue cheese burgers).

  • Lake Highlands who likes LakewooD

    At least you guys have options for restaurants,in LH all we have is fast food!Stop complaining and count your blessing 😉

  • We always hate to see other small businesses go. They are the back bone of our community. We are fortunate to own, well along with the bank, the building at Times Ten Cellars. We have jazz on Sunday afternoons from 4-7 PM. Granted, we are first a winery, wine bar and lastly a live music place, but people seem to like it, and so do we! CHEERS, Kert Platner

  • Rachel Stone

    I know there is live music in Lakewood, I just meant in that shopping center. But someone here pointed out that Arcade Bar sometimes has bands, which I didn’t know.

  • Eastdallasgirl

    Why dont all these cool East Dallas bars merge into one – a conglomeration with 2 or 3 stages, 2 or 3 bars, along with some excellent eats, and a patio – Call it the Lakewood LaGrange Beach Tavern!

  • Hatman

    Take issue with no live music venues in Lakewood. Times Ten Cellars has become a hot jazz spot on Sundays and several other days during the month.

  • Monty

    More than one tenant is having trouble making rent, don’t fool yourself that they getting rich trying to run these small businesses. They struggle to pay bills. As Lakewood gentrifies, landlords will up the rent even when the mortgage doesn’t change. That chases away places like the Lakewood Tavern that give Lakewood its character. Sad for Lakewood.

  • CitizenKane

    Linger………….yep !

    Here comes the “pressed jeans” on Saturday crowd…..

  • Smarty

    This is sad, the Lakewood Tavern has great food and great service. What a shame to lose such a fantastic place. I hope they find a new spot.

  • KG

    Let’s have a benefit for the landlords. Too many deadbeat tenants out there. Tenants lose their spaces when they can’t pay … landlords lose their property when they can’t pay. It’s called foreclosure.

  • Tommy

    Hate to see Lakewood lose these. OTOH, hard to be a landlord with tenants who don’t pay rent.

  • Lakewooder

    Club Wood has been playing live every Friday at the Arcade Bar for a year, providing at least one last outlet for live music.

  • Linger Galthrope

    …and, the gentrification of Lakewood continues unabated.

    More McMansions, less music…

    Heck, pretty soon they’ll just be able to rename it Plano South.

    All it needs is a Chili’s or an Olive Garden.