Lakewood is getting low on watering holes all of a sudden.

Lakewood Bar & Grill closed today. Landlord Greenway Investment Co. locked the owners out for nonpayment of rent, according to a note taped to the music venue’s front door. We put a call in to LBG owner David Seeberger to find out what happened, but he hasn’t called back yet.

Our snooping did lead, however, to Lakewood Tavern. Owner Vicki LaGrange says she will close the tavern sometime in October. LaGrange lost her lease, which ends in February. And the tavern’s liquor license is up in October.

“There’s no point in buying a two-year liquor license to stay open four months,” she says.

LaGrange would like to open somewhere else in Lakewood, but so far, she hasn’t found the right spot.

And then there’s the Balcony Club, which owes its landlord $18,000 in back rent. There is a benefit planned this weekend for the club.

“We’ll be able to raise some of it this weekend,” owner Tommy Stanco says.

If the bar doesn’t raise enough money, they hope to work out a deal with the landlord. If not, they could be evicted Sept. 14. If that happens, Stanco says he plans to reopen somewhere else and take his hundreds of loyal clientele with him.

If Balcony Club does close, that will leave Cock & Bull Pub and Arcade Bar as the only bars in Lakewood Shopping Center, and no live music venues, save the theater.

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