Yes, The Blue Fish down on Greenville Avenue has a traditional sushi bar (weekdays lunch offers all-you-can-eat for $21.95). And that’s where that ends.

The rest of the menu in this sleek, pleasant spot is more along the lines of cutting-edge Asian fusion — dishes like Broiled Yellowtail Collar in Cilantro-Ponzu Sauce or Japanese Mushroom Salad with Yuzu Vinaigrette. This coupled with their chic “cold” sake tastings — the latest craze among the with-it crowd — might tend to scare off those of us who are less than hip. But that would be a shame, because Blue Fish is terrific food and, well, kind of a fun time.

“There’s great energy in here,” says managing partner Julie Lee, talking at the moment about Blue Fish’s $39 all-you-can eat sake party held the second Tuesday evening of each month (214-824-FISH for reservations). “It’s one of the best nights to be here. You get to try a lot of things you might not normally try.”

Lee, a law school graduate, hails from California. Her parents ran a restaurant in the Los Angeles area for 37 years and, these days, her mother cruises the Dallas Farmer’s Market for fresh spices to use in recipes that Lee compiled after traveling around the globe in search of “the best” in Asian cuisine. The result is a fairly loyal following for a eatery that has only been open a little over a year.

So what exotic dish is ordered most?

“Actually,” Lee says. “the crab cakes are our best selling appetizer. And guys like the steaks.”

Guess we are in Texas after all.

ONLINE: The Blue Fish

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