Drive by: Lake House restaurant and bar

The Lake House will open soon at Northwest Highway and Lawther.

If you are like me, you’ve found various ways to avoid traveling Northwest Highway, due to the construction and traffic nightmare that has been this past year. Therefore, I did a “whoa” and a double-take when I passed the former Bicycle Cafe and noticed the progress John Schmitz and Eric Paulsen have made on their latest project, the Lake House, which they hoped to open before year’s end at Northwest and Lawther.

Based on what I saw, they are going to have to work fast to meet that, but I’m OK if they are a little late. I predict good things here—worth a little wait. As we first reported in September, the guys are plotting a menu of American cuisine, a step above bar food, with some healthy options such as flatbread sandwiches and dishes with locally farmed ingredients … more here.

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  • stuart

    They’ve got a ‘Now Hiring’ sign up now.

  • Eliot Landrum
  • chughesbabb

    I’ll check into it. I was trying not to get rolled over by construction trucks as I tried to get a photo. The Centennial in Lakewood Shopping Center recently closed.

  • stuart

    Somebody pointed that out on the other blog. When I passed by on Saturday, from a distance, I didn’t see any for sale or other notices. Also didn’t find any permits that have been filed yet.

  • Eliot Landrum

    Did you notice Centennial is closed?

  • stuart

    Seems a waste of all that time and money that was put into building the Bicycle Cafe to just tear it all out. I’m glad to see they are putting in a patio, though.