Aaron Sherman is a young man who’s not afraid of challenges.

That’s why the prospect of playing quarterback in Woodrow’s new Wishbone offense, in addition to playing free safety on defense, doesn’t bother him.

“I went both ways last year, so I can do it,” says Sherman, a senior who played free safety and tight end a year ago. He also played a few games at quarterback at the end of last season.

“Last year was a lot different coming up from the junior varsity. This year, I love playing quarterback. It will be a lot different being a senior quarterback rather than a junior quarterback.”

The difference is Sherman’s comfort level playing the position. Sherman knows he is Woodrow’s quarterback going in, and he spent the off season preparing for it.

“I did a bunch of footwork in the summer,” says Sherman, who at 6-feet, 3-inches tall is at least three inches taller than most Wishbone quarterbacks.

“I have traditionally slow feet, so I tried to take care of that.”

Although the Wildcats plan to break out of the ‘bone quite a bit, Sherman still must learn the ins and outs of the offense, which can be one of the most difficult attacks for a quarterback to learn.

But learning anything has never been much of a problem for Sherman. He carries a 93 grade point average, scored 1130 on the SAT, and is a member of the National Honor Society.

Sherman is also an outfielder on the baseball team and is a member of the swim team and the art club. He has received recruiting letters from West Point, Rice, Harvard and SMU, but hasn’t decided where he wants to go, or even what major to choose.

“College depends a lot on if I play football in college and where I go,” says Sherman, whose favorite subject is math. “My dad’s an engineer, so I may do something with that.”

Aaron’s father, Bob, lives in Buffalo.

“He’s never seen me play on the varsity before,” Aaron says. “But he’s going to see me play in the homecoming game this year.”

Sherman is confident his father will see a good game.

“I think we will surprise some people this year,” Sherman says. “I just think people underrate us. We’ve got a lot of team unity, and I think Coach (Damon) Miller is going to be a real good head coach.”

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