Dividing Ourselves in God’s Name

When preachers start meddling in politics, they rightfully venture with trepidation. The principle of church-state separation should give us pause, but the line is hardly straight and there is also error in not venturing.

Pizza, faith and Willie Nelson

Maybe “the nightlife ain’t no good life,” but it’s not entirely evil, either. Consider having a theological discussion over beer and pizza at Bryan…

St. Thomas Aquinas carnival is Saturday

The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and School’s annual fall carnival is from noon-9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 15, in the school parking lot at…

Las Manos Negras

Old East Dallas residents Scott Gleeson and Dane Larsen’s current art project, “Las Manos Negras,” comprise many elements, starting with an oral history of migrant day laborers.

The church and the state

We have three choices: (1) we can vote only for someone who epitomizes the majority religious views of the country, notwithstanding Article VI; (2) we can vote only for someone whose faith is more civil religion than commitment to a particular religious tradition; or (3) we can accept that the best candidate may be a person of completely different religious convictions from our own but whose vision of America is consistent with ours.

A healthy ego makes for a healthy individual

People with a healthy ego can receive criticism with grace, celebrate the success of others, and make sacrifices on behalf of those who cannot help themselves. They can be trusted to lead, because the team or company or country they serve is as important to them as their own well-being.

Love requires performance

Saying “I love you” is not a matter of passing information; it’s a matter of making the information matter. Every time you speak it, it becomes truer and realer. So, say it first. But do something, too.