The tenets of spiritual hygiene

Just as vitamins and minerals, flossing, cleaning, and brushing are daily disciplines, so there are spiritual routines that keep the soul alive and well.

Does God care about our sports teams?

Let’s enjoy sports as play without trying to suit God up for the games. Something tells me that there are no scoreboards in heaven anyway.

Advocate contacted all places of worship listed in the East Dallas/Lakewood circulation area and asked: “How are you a good neighbor to the community?” Here are the responses.

Concept of time is uniquely human

If I hear one more time that we are all watching the last this or that of the 20th century or that the year 2000 will mark the start of the third millennium, I am going to throw my Timex at a sun dial.

Neighborhood involvement leads to community connection

Seeing groups and individuals put their beliefs and commitments into action is good not just because of the results that are achieved but also because this serves as leadership by example for many others.

Is God our life’s principal?

A principal is a good image for God. Both have to know how to hold together demand and grace, high expectations and wide mercy, a firm hand and a soft heart.