Dallas Trail Network / Bike Plan

Chasing Their Trail

Along the White Rock Trail, west of the lake and just north of its spillway, a somewhat freshly paved path forks south. It is,…

Faces of Lakewood/East Dallas bike culture

The neighborhood bicycling scene comprises many two-wheeled styles. Here are a few of the faces and bikes you might see on the streets and trails.

Council to approve Dallas Bike Plan Wednesday

City Council on Wednesday is expected to approve the Dallas Bike Plan. It’s a master plan intended to guide city officials in making transportation…

A plan for Dallas’ trails

A plan for Dallas’ trails

Bond dollars are being funneled into projects that will enable more of us to access the trails without having to drive to an entrance, and will connect the trails in our neighborhood as well as linking us with trails in other sections of the city.

Hot on the Trails: Dallas’ master plan

March’s cover story mentions the Dallas Trail Network Plan — an eventual 250 miles of trails throughout the city. You can view this plan…