Health and Fitness

Making your exercise routine a permanent lifestyle change

It’s the time of year when area health clubs and gyms see another batch of fresh recruits, eager to step, stomp, pedal and push their way into a smaller size. But starting and staying are two different things.

Warm weather warning

It’s the time of year when neighborhood health clubs and gyms see another batch of fresh recruits.

In the swing

After playing golf for 25 years, Darwin Hutchison decided he needed to see a doctor

Neighborhood advocates discuss organic gardening

When Ruth Kinler of Redenta’s Garden made the decision to go 100 percent organic in 1992, she took a deep breath and “literally dumped 4500 dollars worth of inventory.”

The tenets of spiritual hygiene

Just as vitamins and minerals, flossing, cleaning, and brushing are daily disciplines, so there are spiritual routines that keep the soul alive and well.

Marathon training class Dallas Fit

The wind was cold and blustery as Cindy Pater Chasey and Maggie Riba prepared to embark on a grueling 26.2 mile run.

Chuck Howard’s BODY Boot Camp

When I first heard about BODY Boot Camp, I called several friends who all quickly agreed to check it out with me.

The Little Gym’s Tricia Merritt

Merritt joined with two long-time Lakewood residents to open The Little Gym in Richardson in 1995.

Our neighborhood’s breast cancer survivors

Occupational therapist Lucy Aguirre-Kelly describes a scene familiar to her audience of breast cancer survivors: You’re in a hospital bed, clad in the standard-issue gown, weak, hooked up to monitors.

Steve Garvin’s song for Erin Kramp

Kramp, a former Lake Highlands resident, was 31 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994, a cancer that is now also present in her spine, lungs and lymph nodes.