Food and Drink

The Blue Fish

The menu in this sleek, pleasant spot is more along the lines of cutting-edge Asian fusion.

Two Sisters Catering

If proprietor Connie Chantilis hadn’t set out tables and chairs in her sunny, charming establishment, one would simply have to race outside and scarf down food on the curb.

Champagne and sparkling wines

Forget all that foolishness about how difficult it is going to be to find sparkling wine and Champagne for New Year’s Eve.

Kelly Hardy’s teapot collection

Hardy’s grandmother made tea every day in the brown and cream English ironstone pitcher, the one painted with colonial scenes that had belonged to her mother before her.

La Calle Docé

Neighborhood fans of coastal Mexican cuisine have been urging friends to meet them at La Calle Docé, which translates into “12thStreet” — the original site of the restaurant.

White wines

The best values often are not Chardonnays, whose reputation often inflates their price, but in Sauvignon Blancs and the drier Fume Blanc.

Dinger’s Catfish Café

Today customers come from as far away as Fort Worth to relax in the comfortable setting and get their “fix” of catfish and stuffed shrimp, hushpuppies and fried okra, and peach bread pudding.

Red wine recommendations

Sometimes, selecting a good, inexpensive bottle of red wine to have with dinner is one of the difficult wine-buying decisions you can make.

Fourth annual Bake for the Lake

Last year, over 1,200 loaves of bread and 1,700 cookies were sold in one day to enable park improvements.

La Dolce Vita

“We believe in treating people the way we like to be treated,” says partner Edward Stanton.


Enchilada’s, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, “has reinvented Tex-Mex” with items like “messy burritos,” and that yummy and oh-so-secret sour cream sauce recipe.