Food and Drink

York Street

Buying a neighborhood restaurant with a 12-year history can be complicated. To last that many years, in Dallas restaurant history, is a long time.


“There are sushi bars with owners who are different nationalities, so we try and do things only Japanese can do.”

Café Izmir

A little bit of everything and everyone makes something special here.

Inexpensive Mediterranean wines

Consider wines from these regions when you want a decent bottle but don’t want the wine to cost two or three times the dinner.

The Grape

“We’ve put proposals on the (printed) menu before too,” laughs long-time manager Mark Gilsdorf who has plenty of tales about the love-related props and machinations the restaurant’s understanding staff has accommodated over the years.

Wines at The Grape

Mark Gilsdorf, the general manager at The Grape, the Greenville Avenue wine bar, says he sees too many people who are afraid of wine — for no reason at all.

Pairing wines with pizza

Darker, tomato-based pies take red wine, and lighter, less beefy pizzas take white.


The next steps up for Picasso’s are a new patio and valet parking — part of their plan to make the eatery as date-friendly as it has been family-friendly.

Wild About Harry’s

The lure of this popular spot is undeniable. Jerry Jones has been spotted there, as have Bill Cosby, Ross Perot, Jr., and the Marcuses.

Holiday Hot Tamales at Monero’s

The serving of tamales during the holidays, particularly on Christmas Eve, is one of several delicious Texas traditions with its roots in the Hispanic community.

Jeffrey Kollinger’s Spice of Life

Made-from-scratch holiday tastes are one reason the Lake Highlands-area catering company has tripled its business in the past five years.