Opening Remarks

A rich life isn’t spent fantasizing about money

I don’t spend a lot of time wondering what it would be like to be rich, but I have to admit it does cross my mind from time to time. What would I do first, I wonder, if money was no object? Of course, all of the time I’ve spent thinking about being rich isn’t really helping me or anyone else. And just thinking about it isn’t going to get it done, either.

Digital news can’t compete with the surprises newsprint offers

Digital news can’t compete with the surprises newsprint offers

For me a newspaper on newsprint still offers something more — the opportunity to stumble across something I didn’t know I needed to know. Like the story I read the other day about the death by brain damage of a 28-year-old Minnesota hockey player, or the story about why Army wound up beating Navy for the 1944 college football championship.

How much of a mark do we need to make to be judged as successful?

In a way, Steve Jobs’ life has become a kind of ideal, a measuring stick for the rest of us slogging along life’s pothole-filled highway. How much of a positive impact do we need to have on others so that we are judged to have “made our mark” and lived a worthwhile life?

I’m a sucker for a Fair sales pitch

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I once burst into tears because I couldn’t afford a kitchen blender a salesman told me I needed at the Minnesota State Fair.

The beauty of a road trip

It was at about the 3,000-mile point of our 4,100-mile driving journey that our 17-year-old son saw the beat-up little sign: “Hopalong Cassidy Museum” with an arrow pointing straight ahead.

The importance of caring

If you read this month’s cover stories, you’ll find there’s a “tour guide” of sorts who helped guide them from almost certain failure to almost certain success.

Ethics study not encouraging

A few months ago, I wrote a column about ethics, or what I perceived to be lack thereof, in the grocery store checkout line.