Mandala artist Terrie Meider

It’s the step-by-step repetition of creating the mandala that M Streets artist Terrie Meider finds calming.

Q&A: Pianist Jon Dahlander

When he signed with local company Carpe Diem Records in 1995, he became its fastest selling artist. And now, thanks to the Internet, people across the world download his music.

Robert E. Lee’s garden courtyard

Susan Flanagan just happened to be sitting at the Dallas Master Gardeners help desk when a call came from a teacher at Robert E. Lee Elementary.

Crownrich Lane

Dallas builder J. Roger Crownrich has never lived on the neighborhood street named after him. However, it is two-and-a-half acres of land he won’t forget.

Bought in the act: Henderson Avenue shopping

Most of its mom-and-pop shops are packed with merchandise in spaces much bigger than they appear from the street. On a recent Friday, we visited to find out what customers were hunting for.

Andrew & Jim Nevitt’s not-so-common scents

Their family business, Nevitt Fragrances, primarily creates fragrance oils used in household products such as candles, potpourri and cosmetics.

Historic Swiss Avenue dot com

It’s nearly impossible to drive along Swiss Avenue without wondering about the history of the stately homes that line one of Dallas’ most famous streets.

Q&A: Guitar-maker Bob Harris

Would you believe the finish on his guitars is a mixture of Everclear and a Lac beetle exoskeleton?

Jamise Fisher’s Cowgirl Cool

Through Cowgirl Cool, Fisher sells Western fashion to women who ride in rodeos and to women who want to look like they ride in rodeos.

Joy Nguyen’s ‘Lovey Babies’

Neighborhood mother Joy Nguyen was like any other loving, nurturing mother who develops a strong bond with her child.