Performer Bill Jenkins

Though it’s pretty typical for an up-and-coming actor to wait tables on the side, Jenkins is no starving artist.

East Dallas House Concerts

When Tom Kemper wants to hear a good set, he doesn’t have to look any farther than his own back yard.


“The big guy,” as she refers to her corporate competitors, didn’t have any sizes for her in-between-extra-small-and-small frame.

Q&A: DJ Mark Ridlen

Ridlen has been playing parties in the Dallas area since 1984, netting such accolades as Best DJ of Eclectic Sounds from D Magazine.

Irish dancer Kincaid Stringer

Nineteen-year-old Stringer usually dances by himself, though it’s not because of rejection from cute girls.

Fried food master Abel Gonzales

Since his fried Coke won the Big Tex Choice Award for most creative food at last year’s State Fair of Texas, the reaction has come from all sides for Gonzales.

Monster Truck Party

Former Club Dada owner Doak Boettiger doesn’t book concerts anymore, but he can still book a great party — for the kids.

Straight Ahead Jazz

Husband and wife Walter Pearson and Heather Paterson are more in tune with each other than most couples.

Omar’s Dibe: From pizza to art

The term “art gallery” often brings to mind stuffy, high-walled museums filled with unaffordable art.

Paper Doll Designs

Lakewood resident Angie Speer decided to leave the business world and become a stay-at-home mom when her twins were born.