Zinfandels (and not the white ones)

“Zinfandels can be fruity, spicy, and even peppery,” says Rich Liebman, a wine buyer for Goody Goody on lower Greenville.

Italian white wines

“Italian whites are food friendly, and you’re going to find them at just about every price range,” says Peter Forbes, the wine director for Centennial Liquor Stores.


Unlike the many Dallas chefs determined to pioneer new cuisine, Kosta’s menu features traditional Greek dishes made from traditional Greek recipes.

Breadwinners’ pumpkin cheesecake

Cindy and Jim Hughes wanted to create something small but special when they opened Breadwinners on McKinney Avenue in 1994.

Back Country Bar-B-Que’s sauce

The 23-year-old restaurant (on Greenville Avenue for 10 years) stands by the original thick, ketchup-based sauce it developed over the years.

Daddy Jack’s Lobster Fra Diavlo

This seafood-plus version of the lobster fra diavlo has become one of the restaurant’s biggest sellers, with up to 40 of the dishes served during the weekend.