Will Dallas decide to build a new sports arena?

The designated site is the old TU Electric power plant off of Stemmons just north of Downtown – you know, the one you would pass on the freeway and wonder “What is that thing with the smokestacks?”

The birth of For the Love of the Lake

The group’s latest effort, the installation of about 400 new covered trash cans, which include recycling bins, has been its largest success in the two years they have been operating.

Rehab boom

These deals are happening because many of the properties were acquired on the cheap

Wish list

What’s good for East Dallas is good for Woodrow.

Traffic light violations

citizens have expressed concern with the running of red lights by drivers across the City

Angels among us

Woodrow’s science department needs help

Back to school

The education committee of the Dallas Northeast Chamber of Commerce wants to connect business people with students

A Faberge Christmas

The elegance and opulence of Imperial Russia can be found at the DeGolyer House