Ghosts in the Kitchen comes out in four installments. The Romantic Night is still streaming until Feb. 28.

The night that was once romantic is now dark and lonely. 

Local group Ochre House Theater released the first installment of its virtual theater series Ghosts in the Kitchen last month, and the next show debuts March 11. 

The first show, titled The Romantic Night, was written and performed by Ochre House founder Matthew Posey, who appeared in several major feature films. Posey plays a man struck down by chance, misfortune and chaos who loses himself in a strange world on an otherwise normal night. 

The second show is titled The Key to a Dark and Lonely Night, and it is written and performed by Kevin Grammer. Grammer plays a man who barricades himself in his kitchen on a dark stormy night and reminisces about his past and the current state of the world. “Filled with twists and turns and a melancholy chill, it’s a man confronting mortality in his own delusional way,” reads the description. “Is he frightened of what’s out there? Or what’s inside?”

The Romantic Night is streaming until Feb. 28, and The Key to a Dark and Lonely Night starts streaming on March 11 until March 21. You can reserve seats here for $10. Once you reserve, the performance is available from noon on the show day until noon of the following day. 

Ochre House is also offering a special link for theater critics only to view the show. Contact Kevin Grammer at or 214-826-6273 for the link.

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