Penelope, the labradoodle

Penelope, the labradoodle. Photography courtesy of Brittney Lefkovits

Brittney Lefkovits had never owned a dog, but she promised her husband they could get one for his birthday. They were driving when they saw a box of labradoodle puppies for sale. Penelope was the last one in the litter. “I’ve been scared of dogs my whole life, and this sweet girl has opened my heart in ways I never knew I was capable of,” Lefkovits says. Affectionately called Penny Lane, she has a knack for rolling in mud and bringing in leaves, grass and other bits of nature that cling to her Velcro-like fur. The 3-year-old pet is afraid of boxes, household cleaning items, strangers and loud noises. What she lacks in bravery, she makes up for in affection. She always joins Lefkovits and her 1-year-old son for bedtime stories, and she shares her toys better than he does. “She’s got a sweet awareness of when people need a little more gentleness,” Lefkovits says. Penelope loves to crunch on carrots, lick the air when the family cooks and sit by the high chair to scoop up whatever her brother drops on the floor. She would be most content with an unending supply of peanut butter.

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