Jelly has 53 toys, and she doesn’t react well when some go missing. “I washed the dirtiest ones, and she threw a fit,” owner Katie Ruyle says. “I counted to see if I had even washed half to see if she was valid in being angry.” The 6-year-old French bulldog has accumulated quite the toy collection through her monthly BarkBox subscription, but she started with nothing in a puppy mill. She was rescued by Lone Star Dog Ranch and adopted by Ruyle in March. “Being in a puppy mill is so horrible, so I try to give her the best life,” Ruyle says. “She’s kind of like my kid, so I spoil her like no other.” Ruyle brought Jelly home at the start of the coronavirus pandemic to keep her company while she worked from home. She thought about naming her after other foods like biscuit or butter, but when she saw the photo online, she thought, “Oh, this is Jelly.” Besides playing with her toys, Jelly loves sleeping, sunbathing and eating her favorite snack — cheese. “We were best friends immediately,” Ruyle says. “She’s silly and sassy. You can’t stay mad at her for more than two seconds.”

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