Dee Lewis always wanted an outdoor wedding, but she had lived in Texas long enough to know you can never depend on the weather.

She opted for the next best thing — getting married under the stars in a climate-controlled environment at the Fort Worth planetarium.

“My wedding was so different and special,” Lewis says. “I still love my wedding. I’d do it the same way today.”

A celestial ceremony wasn’t always written in the stars for the couple. Lewis and her husband grew up together on Anita Street, but in high school, he dated her best friend. One day, their connection clicked, and they decided to marry in 2004.

It seemed like fate that the pair, who lived in the Stardust apartments on Gaston Avenue, should have an out-of-this-world wedding, which they announced with star invitations.

The ceremony took place in a round theater at the planetarium. Seats were moved to the side to create an aisle that Lewis walked down with her mom. The projector was turned off during the ceremony, but once the couple was pronounced man and wife, shooting stars, comets and asteroids flew through the night sky on the theater’s walls.

The couple extended the extraterrestrial theme to the reception with star-shaped food served on plates decorated with star stickers. After eschewing a traditional venue, perhaps it’s no surprise that the Lewises also decided to forgo the bouquet and garter toss. Instead, the couple gave those tokens to the guests who had been married the longest.

“We tried to make it super special for everybody, not just us,” Lewis says. “We took the time to make it about family. That’s why people have appreciated it for so long.”

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