5018 Alcott St. was torn down and will be replaced by a $974,900 new build.

Construction on new homes and home renovations hasn’t slowed down during the coronavirus pandemic, and some older homes in our neighborhood have paid the price.

A demolished residence on Marquita Avenue

A house on Marquita Avenue was demolished last week, followed by another on Alcott Street in Cochran Heights on Tuesday. The Alcott Street residence will be replaced with a new build listed at $974,900.

No neighborhood in Dallas remains untouched by development. With every old home that’s demolished and replaced by something new, it’s easy to think our unique neighborhood will be devoured by cookie-cutter residences that will turn us into the next Plano.

Development is inevitable, but we can take a moment to lament the passing of another beautiful old house. Here’s to hoping the new builds fit the character of our neighborhoods.

On the bright side, maybe a future development gaffe will bring us the next cultural icon like the Leaning Tower of Dallas.

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