No one thought Kitty Heart was an adoptable cat. Six months after she appeared in a cardboard box with several other feral cats outside the Operation Kindness animal shelter, she still wouldn’t come out of her cage or let people hold her. Only volunteer Daryl Davis saw her potential. “I left the door [of her cage] open, and other cats would jump in,” Davis says. “Instead of hissing at them, she would touch noses with them. She exhibited extreme affection. I thought the diagnosis of her being unadoptable was not properly formed.” The Hollywood Santa Monica neighbor brought the cat home. Only then did he notice the beige heart on her white chest. “Everyone thinks their cat is the most wonderful and beautiful, and [Kitty Heart] is definitely in the top 2 percent as far as cuteness goes,” Davis says. The 8-year-old snowshoe and Siamese mix loves to watch squirrels and birds from her cat tree or chase ribbons attached to a string and rod. “Cats don’t care about politics or the pandemic or racial problems,” Davis says. “They just want to be cared for.”

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