Photo from @theartlifeway on Instagram

East Dallas neighbor Kat Warwick chiseled away coronavirus boredom this April by carving stone sculptures in her front yard for the community to enjoy.

The demonstrations outside her home in the 6000 block of Vickery Boulevard were so popular, she received a grant from Awesome Without Borders. The program offers weekly $1,000 grants to anyone in the world who is doing something awesome.

Warwick said on Nextdoor that she’ll use the grant to buy child-appropriate carving tools and softer stone so she can conduct free classes for neighborhood kids. She’d like to improve the carving area by removing the plastic tarp and replacing it with gravel or decomposed granite so the kids can carve on a more permanent and stable surface.

She’ll also save some money to buy hand tools made with industrial diamonds that make carving easier.

Warwick started her stone carving demonstrations as a way to educate and entertain neighbors who were out walking, biking or driving. The carving instructor at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas eschewed power tools and carved with hand tools using historic methods. While she worked, she taught visitors about art history and carving techniques.

Each piece was auctioned for charity when it was complete.

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