Photo courtesy of Carolyn Harmon

Stuck inside because of the coronavirus, Carolyn Harmon baked so much bread, two loaves went bad before she could eat it all.

Harmon, who recently moved to the neighborhood from California, lives alone and didn’t know with whom to share. So she turned to Nextdoor, offering to bake and deliver a personal loaf in exchange for a $10 donation to her classroom.

The Marquita Avenue neighbor is a first-year educator who will teach bilingual fourth grade at Seagoville North Elementary as part of the Teach For America program.

Donations will be used to buy equipment like white boards that are useful for virtual learning, as well as supplemental school supplies for students who may not be able to afford them.

“When we all committed, COVID wasn’t a thing,” Harmon said. “I was expecting to be working all summer, but I had to stop working my restaurant job at home. Moving out here during a pandemic and not working right now, I was worried about affording my rent, plus supplies for students and virtual teaching.

“I’ve gotten a lot of generous donations. It’s nice to see how much people value education and educators.”

Harmon bakes rustic loaves, challah, brioche, lemon bread and banana bread that she delivers to neighbors. To place an order, text Harmon at 805-550-3502.

Loaves are $10 and can be paid for with cash or on Venmo.

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