Photography courtesy of Colleen Murphy

Ryan Murphy promised his kids that when they moved to their new house on Vanderbilt Avenue, he would consider getting a dog. That was six years ago, and it took a pandemic for him to finally agree. “The kids have been really bartering the past few years,” his wife Colleen Murphy says. “In the past, we were going to visit family or were playing sports on the weekend. The pandemic really contributed to our ability to get a dog.” The family planned on fostering a dog from the Furry Friendzy animal rescue in Kaufman, but when they arrived, the family in front of them adopted the dog they had been eyeing. Their second choice wasn’t the right fit. That’s when staff introduced them to Gypsy, the 2-year-old lab and border collie mix. “Gypsy came right up to us and was real lovable,” Colleen says. “She’s very sweet tempered.” Ryan caved and agreed to adopt the pet immediately. That night, they fell asleep on the couch together. When Gypsy isn’t worming her way into Ryan’s heart, she likes to chomp on bones, chase squirrels and play in the backyard with stuffed animals the kids have provided from their collection. 

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