The vandalized sign in front of White Rock UMC. Photo courtesy of White Rock UMC on Facebook

A White Rock United Methodist Church sign supporting the LGBTQ+ community was vandalized over the weekend. Senior pastor Mitchell Boone responded on the church’s Facebook page, assuring the neighborhood that the sign will be fixed and White Rock UMC will continue to support all people.

“It stands at the corner to remind our neighbors that we are striving to be a place where all can be seen, valued, serve and come to know the good news of Jesus Christ,” Boone said in the post. “We are unapologetically open to those the church has forgotten and harmed. We believe that the table is open to all people.”

Boone said that people have vandalized other displays of welcome and inclusion in the past. People have even stolen the pride flag flying from the front of the building.

“Several years ago, we found racist vile painted on our marquee below an MLK quote,” Boone said. “We are used to it. In fact, in my church office, I have several flags ready to be installed.”

Boone thanked leaders of the Little Forest Hills Neighborhood Association for helping fix the sign.

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