Coronavirus outbreaks overlaid on a map of the most at-risk populations. (Graphic courtesy of Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation)

Neighbors in the 75228 ZIP code are among some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, according to a map of the most at-risk populations created by the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation.

The most vulnerable areas in the city are in South Dallas and East Dallas, including the 75228 ZIP code. That ZIP code was in the top five, and the 75206 ZIP code was also in the top 20.

The Parkland Center created the map by analyzing socioeconomic, mobility, clinical and demographic risk factors. Multiple factors constitute higher risk, such as underlying medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and age. The index also calculates what social factors have an impact on health, such as housing quality, education, food options, employment opportunities and more.

The Vulnerability Index can be overlaid onto a map of coronavirus outbreaks and testing sites, D Magazine reported. The goal of the initiative is to let authorities know where to offer more testing, attention and other crucial resources.

A closer look at the analysis of the 75228 ZIP code. (Graphic courtesy of the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation)

On the index, 75228 is the fifth most at-risk area in Dallas, ranking slightly over 62 on the heat map.

Overall, the map reflects the general disparities that have divided North and South Dallas. However, some affluent areas with a large elderly population prove to be equally as vulnerable than less affluent ZIP codes.

“From a community health perspective, these latest PCCI analytics continue to support our ongoing efforts to proactively identify hotspots, rapidly deploy targeted testing that is accessible, inform and educate the community using culturally sensitive approaches and align other critical resources to support individuals and their families during these difficult times,” said Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Phillip Huang.

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