Just like people, animals don’t always live up to their stereotypes. Take Finneas. She’s a cat that likes to play fetch. She can also do tricks. When she sees her owner holding that irresistible little pink puff, she sits, spins and then pounces on the toy as it flies through the air. “I was like, ‘How did this happen?’” owner Jen Tone says. “We have a cat-dog.” Finneas continues to break barriers by sporting a traditional “boy” name. The pet is named after Billie Eilish’s brother, a musician who also co-wrote and produced his sister’s debut album. The Tones adopted Finneas two days after they canceled a spring break trip to Florida because of the coronavirus. Shortly after, Dallas told all residents to stay home, allowing the family to bond with the 1-year-old pet. “It was an awesome time to adopt a pet,” Tone says. “We’ve gotten to know her, and she’s gotten to know us.” As a Scottish rex and sphinx mix, Finneas is mostly hairless. Family members soon adjusted to the unusual trait, and they love when Finneas cuddles next to them for a catnap. 

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