Some people still refuse to social distance. Is bubble soccer the answer to our problem?

If we all wrap ourselves in a giant plastic bubble, it forces people to keep their distance. Get too close and a slight bump is likely to have you flailing like a turtle on its back. 

There is the problem of, you know, fitting through doors and shopping for groceries, but we’ve got nowhere to go and lots of time on our hands to get creative and figure something out.

Think of the other benefits. If you cough or sneeze, germs stay inside your bubble. Plus, no one will be physically able to touch anything with their hands confined to the bubble.

Just be sure to spray the plastic down with some dish soap and a garden hose when you get home.

The genius of bubble soccer arrived in our neighborhood in 2014. Lakewood resident Steve Mosley started Bubble Soccer USA after his son had tons of fun playing it across the pond in England.

While professional sports officials brainstorm ways to safely resume play amid the coronavirus outbreak, it’s clear bubble soccer should be the first sport to come back.

It’s an idea even Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban can get behind.

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