If stay-at-home orders have made you sick of staring at the same drab walls and faded furniture, find inspiration for your next home project in this underground house on Buckner we wrote about in 2014.

By Brittany Nunn

While on the lookout for interesting homes in the neighborhood, one of our editors stumbled across this video of the underground house on Buckner. Granted, it’s a cheesy real estate video, but it still gives you a peek inside the $870,000 home. And if a home built into the ground isn’t eye-catching, I don’t know what is.

Vicki White, from Dallas City Center Realtors, hosts the virtual tour, pointing out the No. 1 thing that makes an underground home unique is the green effect — “and that was before we used the word ‘green,’” she says. During the hot Texas summers, the home is able to conserve energy better than most houses its size.

Learn more about the home at earthshelteredhome.com.

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