The Airbnb comes with a pool, hot tub and mini golf course

(Photo from Airbnb.)

When it’s safe to travel again, we’re all going to need a vacation. Good thing we have plenty of time to start planning now.

Dream about post-quarantine life with this massive Airbnb near White Rock Lake.

The five-bedroom, 12-bed vacation rental with a pool and mini golf course is the perfect place to party with your family and friends if you haven’t seen them in weeks.

The house has a TV in every room, plus a pool table and full-size shuffleboard in the living room.

But the outdoor property is so impressive, that’s probably where you’ll want to spend your time. The backyard paradise sits on 1 acre of land and is complete with a resort-style pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen and putting green.

The property is listed at $266 a night.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We published this story because of the home’s unique interior and size. However, we’ve since heard from neighbors that the house has attracted controversy in the neighborhood due to late-night parties and other activities that neighbors say violates city code. We’ll check into the complaints and add what we find to this post. Once a story has been posted on our website, it’s our longstanding policy not to remove the story but certainly to correct or update it, as needed. As longtime neighborhood advocates through our publications, rest assured that had we known about the neighbors’ issues prior to writing this story, we would have written it in a different way with more complete information. One additional note in response to a few comments online: This story is not an “advertisement” and the Advocate is not making any money for writing this story or any story on our website or in our magazines that isn’t clearly identified as a “Sponsored Story”. Stories labeled “Sponsored Story” typically are written on behalf of an advertiser but are still subject to our editorial guidelines, which do not condone, encourage or celebrate inappropriate or illegal activity. We thought neighbors would find this story about a unique neighborhood home interesting. We had no idea how “interesting” it would turn out to be…we’re sorry for kicking the hornet’s nest here. — Rick Wamre

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