To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, dine-in service at restaurants is prohibited. Eateries can stay open for drive-thru, delivery or takeout, but for many restaurateurs, the safest and most economical choice is to close their doors.

These East Dallas restaurants have decided to temporarily close:

  • WAYA JAPANESE IZAKAYA posted on Facebook that the restaurant would temporarily close. “It is very unfortunate, but the coronavirus spread faster than we’d expected,” the owner said. “We will close the door until the panic calms down.”
  • TRUCK YARD temporarily closed and is no longer serving cheesesteaks for pickup or delivery. Truck Yard has partnered with T-shirt company, Bullzerk, on a special shirt to support staff members. The shirt says, “Support our local service workers or you’ll have to get a real therapist.” It’s available for $23 on the Bullzerk website with all proceeds going to Truck Yard Dallas staff.
  • TACOS MARIACHI owner Jesus Carmona announced on Facebook that he was closing the restaurants two locations, one of which was on Greenville Avenue. A GoFundMe was created to support the staff. “We appreciate the support given to us by our amazing guests,” he said. “Please take care & stay healthy. We hope to serve you all again soon.”
  • 20 FEET SEAFOOD JOINT owners Sue and Marc Cassel said on Facebook that they would temporarily close. They don’t know when the restaurant will reopen. “To our knowledge none of our staff is infected, but we would hate to be an unintentional vector for this thing,” Marc Cassel said in the post. “Everyone’s extremely generous support has been overwhelming, but in return for that kindness, we don’t want to harm anyone. Please be HUNGRY when we unlock our doors!”
  • GOLDRUSH CAFE is temporarily closing. “Thank you for all the tremendous support and love you’ve shown us these last couple of days,” owner George Sanchez posted on Facebook. Prior to the shutdown, neighbors started a Feed a Friend program in which neighbors could buy a GoldRush gift card and then donate it to a person or family in need of a meal.

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