Erykah Badu’s social distancing coutour. (Photo from Instagram.)

Soul singer Erykah Badu’s concerts may be canceled, but the show must go on.

The East Dallas neighbor posted Tuesday on Instagram her plans for a quarantine concert series that will be streamed live from her bedroom, or as she calls it, the “Badubotron.”

The series, which Badu says is a live interactive experiment, kicks off this weekend with Apocalypse One. It is $1 to get in, and listeners get to choose the songs via a poll.

On Instagram, Badu said, “We gone pull it off. We gone be calm. You gone help me make it happen. Can’t do it without you.”

Keep an eye on Badu’s Instagram account or check back with the Advocate for details.

If we’re lucky, she might grace us again with her stylish hazmat suit.

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