Cannibalism is not the answer, friends. Neither is graffiti.

City staff had to clean a bench, a trash can and stonework that had been defaced Thursday at Savage Park on Swiss Avenue.

The disgruntled artist spray painted “Eat the Rich” on the stonework at the historic entrance. The phrase is attributed to Jean-Jacques Rousseau who said, “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they’ll eat the rich.”

But making political statements through art is, perhaps, best left to legends like Aerosmith. The slogan inspired the band’s song “Eat the Rich.”

“I want to commend our park maintenance staff for quickly addressing these issues and helping to keep all of our parks clean and enjoyable for the citizens that use them,” District 14 park board member Amanda Schulz wrote on Facebook. “Thank you to our community members for bringing this to our attention through social media. When we work together, our city is better.”



If you would like to report graffiti, email Schulz at or contact the City of Dallas via the 311 app.

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