Authorities are investigating after a Casa Linda neighbor told police he shot a man who entered his home and sprayed him with mace.

The shooting happened around noon Tuesday in the 11700 block of Rupley Lane, near Jupiter and Garland roads, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The homeowner told police that a female acquaintance called him and asked to borrow money. When he agreed, she arrived at the home with a man she identified as her Uber driver. He was holding a gasoline can.

When the two entered the home, the man with the gasoline can asked for a cup of water. He returned with the water and sprayed the homeowner with mace, according to the Morning News.

A struggle ensued, and the man with the gasoline can produced a gun. The homeowner disarmed him, took the gun and shot him multiple times, the Morning News reported.

The woman fled the scene. When police arrived, they found the unidentified intruder dead from an apparent gunshot wound.

It is unclear what became of the gasoline can or why the man was carrying it.

Police interviewed the homeowner. Then he was released.

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