Steel City Pops closed Nov. 1 in the Casa Linda Plaza. (Photo by Brittany Nunn.)

In an announcement that chilled some neighbors to the bone, Steel City Pops said the location at the Casa Linda Plaza closed Nov. 1.

The company explained in a news release to CultureMap that it needed to scale back the number of operating stores to maintain a healthy brand.

Other Texas closures include nine stores in Garland, Austin, San Antonio, Waco and Houston. The only two locations that remain in Dallas are on Greenville Avenue and Preston Royal.

The Casa Linda location opened in November 2015. Popsicles weren’t made on site. Instead, frozen treats were brought from the Greenville location.

“Our goal with stores like these is to have them close enough to the original store that people know they’re locally made with fresh ingredients, but it’s a little more convenient if you live in the Casa Linda area to pick one up there instead,” general manager Jonathan Veazey previously told the Advocate.

Steel City Pops specializes in gourmet popsicles made with organic, locally harvested ingredients. The menu features cookie pops, fruit flavors like strawberry lemonade and creamy flavors like chocolate and avocado.

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