After a few years of a petless life, neighbor Mike Massey knew he wanted a dog. In 2014, an impromptu trip to the animal shelter led him and his wife to Otto. As they searched the kennel, they found a back hallway where the sweet and smart pooch was curled up in his cage. They discovered Otto was on doggy death row and was going to be euthanized later that month. After a jaunt around the parking lot, followed by a playful petting session on the curb, they made the dog part of their family. Otto, named after Hall of Fame Cleveland Browns quarterback Otto Graham, will turn 6 this fall. When he is not taking naps around the house, Otto enjoys catching tennis balls, playing tug-of-war and chasing squirrels. The loyal pup is a “super mutt,” with a DNA test revealing a plethora of breeds, including German shepherd and Labrador. Follow him on Instagram at @real_og_otto, but he doesn’t post too often. — Sarah Nuñez-Lafontaine

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