Change up your summer routine and meet renown sports announcer and radio broadcaster for the Texas Rangers, Eric Nadel. Neighbors can meet Nadel from 1-2 p.m. July 31 at the Lakewood Branch Library.

The Baseball Hall of Famer will read books and answer questions about his tenured career with the Rangers, which has spanned 40 years.

Nadel’s career is embedded in baseball, but he is also a poet. In an Advocate story from earlier this year, Nadel discusses his new book, “LIM-ERIC!” which is a compilation of limericks he reads during Rangers games.

One of his favorite poems from the book is about Nelson Cruz’s failed catch in the 2011 World Series:

My feelings toward Cruz are complex,

His homers soar several decks,

He’s kind and he’s shy,

 But if he’d caught that fly, 

We wouldn’t still have this damn hex.

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