Lakewood neighbor Olive Talley hopes to change the way courts handle child welfare cases with a documentary that profiles one judge’s trust-based, trauma-informed approach. The documentary, titled “ALL RISE: For the Good of the Children,” premiered at the USA Film Festival in Dallas in April.

The 75-minute film follows Carole Clark, a judge in East Texas who takes a new approach to child welfare cases. The film profiles two families whose lives were transformed through the support and therapeutic intervention offered by Clark and her team of lawyers, mental health experts and child advocates.

Less than two days after its release, it received more than 50,000 views from a six-minute clip on Facebook. The trailer has had more than 154,000 views.

Nearly 49,000 Texas children lived outside their homes in substitute care in 2017 because of neglect and abuse allegations. Only 30 percent of those children were reunited with their families. The documentary shows the abuse of children is cyclical, and that to stop the cycle, courts must change their approach to healing families in crisis.

The documentary comes through a partnership Talley had with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU. The former Dallas Morning News journalist and producer for “Primetime Live” on ABC and “Dateline NBC” spent four months shooting and editing footage for the film.

Her in-depth, documentary-style storytelling can be viewed for free here. The team hopes to garner attention and spread the story so more courts will adopt the trauma-informed practice.

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