When you order that meal from Uber Eats, consider whether the menu is based in physical reality or is just another example of digitization.

For the past two years, Uber has been busy fostering the creation of “ghost” restaurants that exist online but have no brick-and-mortar locations. Our neighborhood is home to several, GuideLive reported.

One example is Casa Linda’s Dugg Burger, which created the virtual Chicken Sandwich Project. Menu items that can only be purchased on Uber Eats or DoorDash include chicken sandwiches, pickles salads, chips and dessert.

Similarly, Wava Halal Grill on Greenville Avenue has multiple virtual concepts operating out of its kitchen, including Burger World, Smoothie World and Wava Mediterranean Eats. Sakhuu Thai Cuisine in East Dallas also expanded its digital footprint with Ms. Bamboo Chinese Cuisine, according to GuideLive.

The Chicken Sandwich Project, Burger World and Ms. Bamboo are just a few of the 2,500 businesses that partner with Uber Eats to serve customers in Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles.

These delivery-only restaurants prepare food in established kitchens, but with the lower costs of running an eatery without a physical location, chefs have more freedom to experiment with new concepts. Plus, the visibility on delivery platforms could lead to increased foot traffic at restaurant locations.


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