M Streets neighbor and U.S. Rep. Colin Allred led his party to victory in the Congressional Baseball Game. His victory came on the heels of a calf strain that left the team questioning whether the congressman could perform. But like a true Texan, resilient and determined, Allred rallied and chose to play.

The congressman reportedly told his coach, “We only have one game. If I get injured, I don’t have any other games to miss.”

After testing out his calf, Allred chose to forgo his position on defense and was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to relive his high school years as a center fielder. While playing at Hillcrest High School, Allred earned all-district honors at the position.

However, the congressman said it was an honor just to play in an MLB stadium. “I just want to see how far I can hit it,” he said before the game. The former NFL star hit the ball over the left fielder’s head in the first inning.

Allred’s fellow Democrats were thrilled to have a professional athlete on the field, but some members of the opposing team weren’t worried. GOP Rep. Roger Williams, the Republicans’ manager, didn’t seem to view Allred as a threat.

“Colin’s a football player,” he said. “This is a baseball game.”

The East Dallas representative proved them wrong and hit two doubles, one in the first inning and one in the fifth that scored a run, helping lead the Democrats to a 14-7 win.

The game is really a victory for all, as the proceeds go to the Washington Literacy Center, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation and a Capitol Police memorial fund.

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