Mother Nature taught Dallas some hard lessons Sunday when a storm knocked down more than 200 trees, which blocked our streets and fell onto homes and power lines.

Where trees are planted matters, and trees need care. Many with broken limbs had poor canopy structure leading to weak branch angles, according to the Texas Trees Foundation. Poor pruning cuts, disease and insects also cause structure failure during heavy winds.

Although trees may have broken limbs and stripped bark, that might not spell death. For example, if broken limbs are small, the easier it will be for a tree to recover.

Most storm-damaged trees can be saved with proper care, according to Texas Trees. The foundation recommends having your trees inspected and pruned as soon as possible after a storm. If you are going to prune your trees yourself, remember to never prune trees near power lines and follow correct pruning procedures.

If you have to say goodbye and want to plant a replacement, pick the right tree for the right place. Don’t plant large trees near power lines and make sure the mature size of the tree is considered.

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